A ceramic coating in the simplest terms is a ultra protective coating that lasts anywhere from 1-7 years depending on the quality of the coating and how well the car is maintained. Here at G's Mobile Auto Detailing we use Ceramic coatings that last between 3-5 years. The coating which is comprised of silica and titanium dioxide provides a hydrophobic layer that bonds to the paint. 

Ceramic Coatings We Use

Nasiol Zr53

CarPro CQaurtz 3.0 UK 


The price for a ceramic coating is considerably higher than any other paint sealant or coating. The required prep time (typically takes a minimum of 12 hrs from start to finish), knowledge, and cost of the coating itself all factor into the price. 

We have a starting price of $600 here at G's Mobile Auto Detailing. This price can increase if it takes longer to prep the car for the coating. 


A ceramic coating requires a lot of prep work because the coating lasts for so long. The car's paint must be perfect before application to ensure it works properly. Here is a rough outline of the work needed to apply it. 

Step 1: Wash the car 

Step 2: Clay Bar treatment and Iron remover (removes paint decontaminates)

Step 3: Two step paint correction ( Compound and Polish) 

Step 4: IPA wash (removes any other sealants or oils left on the cars paint)

Step 5: Ceramic coating application (24 hour cure time is required)


This type of coating is not for every car because it is an investment but if you are a person that looks at your vehicle as one then this is something to highly consider. 

What will I gain from this?

Provides the best paint protection on the market

Will keep the paint looking perfect for years and will continually bead water. 

Adds value to the car and makes maintaining the car much easier.

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